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  1. Great! Please let us informed when the new software will be ready.! ThankU in advance!
  2. these are links of two of my crypted files https://fs01u.sendspace.com/upload?SPEED_LIMIT=0&MAX_FILE_SIZE=314572800&UPLOAD_IDENTIFIER=1505811842.1565033761.5715DEA0.20.0&DESTINATION_DIR=7 https://fs13u.sendspace.com/upload?SPEED_LIMIT=0&MAX_FILE_SIZE=314572800&UPLOAD_IDENTIFIER=380362756.1565034344.5715DEA0.27.0&DESTINATION_DIR=26 anthe ther the message for decryption https://fs09u.sendspace.com/upload?SPEED_LIMIT=0&MAX_FILE_SIZE=314572800&UPLOAD_IDENTIFIER=610028791.1565034312.5715DEA0.23.0&DESTINATION_DIR=5 there is any chance to
  3. There is any difference between ID numero mail.jswOrm band id numero mail.jswrm?
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