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  1. Sir Any update on my problem.. Can I get my files decrypted??
  2. Can I now perform a clean installation of my system?
  3. I tried with the Updated STOPDecrypter ,it did not work. STOPDecrypter-log.txt
  4. But Sir...Please help me decrypt the files..they were very important to me.😔
  5. I did not get the above files.But I got some other files which might help you. "C:\Users\dasba\AppData\Local\Temp\csrss\smb\e7.exe" This is the link https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/6300fa9fcef55f5064d158c07ef34a46edf721f32dfe9d8437ab82321613a39b/detection
  6. The file you mentioned above is not there..although the folder is present the '2.exe' is not there. I searched it in Malware bytes quarantine but it got deleted. But I am attaching the report. dd.txt
  7. SIR I FINALLY FOUND _readme file WHOSE ID STARTS WITH 123*** I HAVE ATTACHED DIFFERENT FILES FROM DIFFERENT FOLDERS. _readme.txt _readme.txt _readme.txt _readme.txt _readme.txt _readme.txt
  8. Sir .. I sent the log files and some suspicious files. I backed up all the necessary encrypted files and i will store it in my F drive.I have also zipped them using Win Zip. But now I have to use the laptop so can i perform a clean installation of the OS and also clean all other drives except the drive containing the infected files???
  9. Please help me solve this problem sir.. I have pictures of my grand mom who died recently which i would never again get. Please sir...
  10. The folder where .lapoi files are present...there is no _readme.txt file
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