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  1. It is always easy to say what I should have done. Right now that does not help in any way.
  2. At the time of my reinstallation, I didnt know that I had an issue with encrypted files. It wasnt until afterwards when I checked my OneDrive, I noticed those files also didnt work - for instance the excel-files, I wanted to work on. I then selected the restore option, and noticed the word ransomware detected .
  3. The are no deeper reason as to why I reinstalled. It is something I do from time to time. I'm weird that way My laptop was reinstalled last week. The Download Image-link, what does that one do? The last couple of days I have worked on getting my mindset ready to "accept" the fact 95% is gone for good.
  4. No I am not sure about that. Like I mentioned in the beginning, I formatted my harddrive and after that my D and E-drive was deleted. It wasnt until a few days ago, I found out about Emsisoft.
  5. That log entry does not show anything scan_190725-060455.txt
  6. Quarantine report was blank. The log is attached. Forensics_190724-185257.txt
  7. A couple of days ago I decided to reset my desktop computer, which is running Windows 10. After it got reinstalled, I noticed my D and E-drive was emty. So I thought I, by mistake, had selected to clear ALL drives and not just the one with my Windows 10 installation. That WAS a possibility, as I was tired at the time. Then I got myself a data recovery software, and got everything back - or so it seemed. I uploaded a couple of Excel-files to my onedrive cloud, and wanted to work on them. Unfortunately a message came up, saying the files were corrupted. Later I found out that the files were not corrupted, byt encrypted. The SendSpace link contains one of the excel files, a working photo + the same photo, but where it is encrypted. There are also a couple of files named TempFile.txt, TempFile.md5 and TempFile.exe. Those were in a folder I have not created myself, called SpecialDir. When checking the photo + TempFile.txt on, I am being told it is encrypted with CryptoWire. I unfortunately was in the process of organizing files for my OneDrive, which means I had EVERYTHING on my drive ... all 700GB of important data, including photos throughout the past 20 years. I appreciate all the help I can get! Addition.txt FRST.txt