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  1. I was curious if there was any updates on this variant of BigBobRoss Shon
  2. Is there a specific Channel or Discussion that I can follow to get updates on current efforts to resolve BigBobRoss Ransomware, by chance? Again, thanks you for your time and quick response.
  3. The Ransomware ID site says I have BigBobRoss when I upload an encrypted file. However, if I upload the readme (or in my case, How to recover your files.txt) it does not recognize the ransomware. The Key that it comes up with using the Encrypted file is not correct (Assuming) as the decrypt is not working. I am looking for help to un-encrypt my files if possible and do appreciate your time in helping look at my data. I have attached the txt file (How to Recover your files.txt) as well as a small encrypted file that is a simple txt file (when it is not encrypted) A
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