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  1. I don't really know about any of that. My laptop came with a Win 10, why would I reactivate an original copy? You can trust me. For MS Office I don't have it. I got LibreOffice and I am more that happy with it. I downloaded a whole archive of activators on my Arch installation, scanned it with Virustotal saw Emsi was detecting them, so I copied them to my C drive. I did that because the File Guard was not working with Eicer.org files. (NOW EVERYTHING WORKS). I can make a video of my laptop where Emsi is installed showing the laptop serial number and the box of the laptop which also has the same serial number and Windows 10 in the spec list. I just don't like to be accused of something. Ok, so if it detects PuP it will auto quarantine right? One more thing, Emsi is false flagging Brave installation file in the temp folder.
  2. Yes, this was it. I can't reproduce the error (whatever it was I am more than happy that it solved itself 😅). But as the screenshots show, the errors were real. Also I used this https://github.com/Sycnex/Windows10Debloater Like this? Nothing pops up after I do that from peazip context menu. (Open with Emsisoft).
  3. An OEM license has a logo embedded on the page. I also can show you the packaging of my PC which includes a Win 10 license in the spec list. My PC has a serial number on it which is also mentioned on the box. Then again I am not required to show you anything. I was taking to Emsi staff, if he/she wanted proof I would be more than happy to show it to him/her.
  4. Just one more thing, how do I integrate Emsi with PeaZip? It supports some avs but also has an option to add custom avs. Which Emsi exe file should I choose? https://www.peazip.org/antivirus-scan-zipped-files.html
  5. Sorry, I am not using any pirated software. I wanted to test the av against not that harmful malware. Eicar.com was not working, KMS tools came to mind. I did some 'research' and got this particular version from a 'trusted' source. If you need me to provide a screenshot of my windows OEM license I will do that. If I was a pirated software user, I would have gone with "free" antivirus software. Bitdefnder's top option costs half of what Emsisoft costs India because of regional pricing. I am going with Emsi because of your stance on privacy. Brave's detection worked on the first installation. Yes, I mentioned it earlier. Again the first installation was not working probably because of I used Blackbird, Windows 10 Debloater and ShutUp10 and one them could have broken something. It could have been Blackbird V2 or Windows 10 Debloater Script or ShutUP10. File Guard was not working even with Paranoid mode and PuP detection enabled. After I uninstalled Emsi, Windows Defender reset every settings, then I reinstalled Emsi and Now everything works. Emsi would not even let me open the KMS files, sending it to Quarantine. I have Custom scanned every drive with through settings and no rootkits were found. Everything is fine now. To all those who are seeing this post: Emsisoft works.
  6. Ok, so I figured it out. It was probably my fault to begin with. My windows default scanner settings were probably borked because of Shutup10. I probably made some mistakes while picking options there. When I uninstalled Emsisoft, windows set all the settings to default related to Windows Defender. Then I reinstalled Emsisoft and everything works now. So after testing 4 avs, Emisisoft is my pick. No bootup delay, detects files fine, not very aggressive and resource hungry, and the main thing is IT RESPECTS USER PRIVACY. Since Emsisoft itself suggested shutup10, you guys should look into the issue.
  7. Exactly. I tested bitdefender on a second machine and its real time scanner works as intended. Also tried a ransomeware simulator (Ran Sim from Majorgeeks), Emsisoft and Bitdefender both stopped the launcher from running. Bitdefender also stops eicar.com files from being downloaded, but Emsisoft doesn't.
  8. I think Samsung provides an Anti Virus software themselves. They got flak for it recently. Here is the article about it. Samsung's Smart TV Malware Scan Reminder Met by User Criticism : BleepingComputer The article also has a how to video in it.
  9. I changed it to paranoid, it still has the same problem. The folder is on the desktop. Firefox can still download it without any problem. I can still run the setup file with admin privilege. But when I manually scan the folder Emsisoft detects the files and asks to quarantine. You can see in the screenshots that Emsisoft is monitoring the program but does nothing. But when manually scanned it detects those files. Scan level set to paranoid. It lets the program run but monitors Now it detects when scanned. I
  10. Hi, When I download KMSpico and extract it to a folder Emsisoft does nothing. It even lets me run the program with admin privileges. It even monitors the KMSpico setup task. But when I do a manual scan or scheduled scan Emsisoft picks up the file. The same thing happens for eicar.org files. Is this a normal behavior?
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