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  1. hello @Amigo-A Bro i tried to look for ransom note in the form of txt, hta but i'm unable to locate it. I used spyware 4 & avast software after i got attacked by ransomware,maybe during scanning it might have got deleted.To be certain i tried to locate ransom txt or message through recovery software still no luck. i would appreciate if you forward this matter and find some solution for this problem . i'm uploading more files that are affected by ransomware. IMG-20141231-WA0000.jpg.id[845807B0-2275].[[email protected]].Adame IMG-20160303-WA0001.jpg.id[845807B0-2275].[[email protected]].Adame IMG-20160925-WA0000.jpg.id[845807B0-2275].[[email protected]].Adame Screenshot_2016-09-20-14-19-39-992_net.wargaming.wot.blitz.png.id[845807B0-2275].[[email protected]].Adame Screenshot_2016-10-18-17-54-03-424_net.wargaming.wot.blitz.png.id[845807B0-2275].[[email protected]].Adame
  2. MY FILES ARE RECENTLY ENCRYPTED BY .ADAME RANSOMWARE.THEY WANTED ME TO PAY MONEY AT [[email protected]].MY ALL FILES ARE ENCRYPTED BY THESE VIRUS SUCH AS AUDIOS VIDEOS DOCS ETC. I'M UPLOADING SOME OF THE FILES TO GIVE YOUS SOME IDEA. PLEASE HELP ME OUT GUYS........ AKS.Think-and-Grow-Rich-PDF.pdf.id[845807B0-2275].[[email protected]].Adame bpo q&a.txt.id[845807B0-2275].[[email protected]].Adame Napoleon Hill -Pathway to Personal Success.pdf.id[845807B0-2275].[[email protected]].Adame radhat-3.pdf.id[845807B0-2275].[[email protected]].Adame The Complete Guide To Genius.pdf.id[845807B0-2275].[[email protected]].Adame