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  1. Thank you so much. It has just been a financial problem to upgrade my PC. Still running a core2duo 2.93ghz with MSI G41M motherboard. Socket 775 Need to upgrade, working on it
  2. I did try AMD direct , I have an older graphics card AMD 4800 HD and no drivers for Windows 10 are available unfortunately. Thank you for the recommendations though. I commend you guys for trying to help us in resolving this onslaught by unscrupulous people on the net. I will patiently wait for a positive outcome to my current issue. Thank you guys once again
  3. @GT500 @Amigo-A @Demonslay335 Thank you so much for helping and guiding me so far. Let me explain what happened and where it started. I will attach all relevant information. Needing to find updated drivers for my graphics card i found a website offering free driver updates even rated as safe.( I have attached a screen shot so everyone can avoid it at all cost) screenshot 2. Secondly i attached a screenshot of the file i downloaded (screenshot 1). After installing the driverpack the first time it seemed fine till Avast started blocking the malware/ransomware. Driver seemed to be working fine. No infections after further scans. I then picked up a problem with starting Windows 10 and a clicking sound. Bootmgr was missing. Under the assumption my hard drive had the click of death, I reinstalled Windows 10 on another hard drive as my new OS. Not thinking to first do the protection I reinstalled the driverpack first whereby i got multiple infections. Any attempt to run a anti-virus or anti-malware was futile. The .MORGRANOS exstensions started to infect my other hard drives. I removed the OS drive and it seems my original OS drive was still working. I ran Malwarebytes (7292 infections). I will also attach the requested STOPDecrypter log.STOPDecrypter-log.txt
  4. Thank you for the reply. Correction accepted .mogranos . I have run Malwarebytes and hitman pro to get rid of the ransomware/malware 7957 infections. Please see attached screenshot from STOPDecrypter and ransomnote @Demonslay335
  5. Recently had an attack from a cryptovirus, DJVU family with file extension .MORGANOS Removed the ransomware and malware but now my files stay encrypted. any suggestions on how to decrypt the files.
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