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  1. Still something wrong. Now loosing 10 bit on some files. I attached affected file news.txt and not affected file sureware.lib decryption key is YHFO6S92sRbfObm1v7cWI4DKX6edpMskWgwr5vQ5t7tlkdnhKgLSXrG
  2. So its Monday, i am back to my pc and have some update I do some research with this files. Files is partially encrypted. If file is big enough (> 160 kb), only first 160kb is encrypted. If file is smaller, then 2 last Bytes ( i think mod(filesize, 16) is used to calculate unencrypted part) is not encrypted. I think, if file is smaller then 160kb, decryptor is trying to decrypt full file, not only encrypted part, and result is corrupted 2 last Bytes of file. I attached picture with example. With files bigger then 160kb decryptor works correctly.
  3. I cant download attached file. No permissions. After my try, i get readable file, but last word in this file must be "platforms" but is "pl and some garbage".
  4. I use text file from openssl distributive to get original of encrypted file. Openssl folder on my pc was encrypted, so i download same version of installer, install it on another pc and take original file. I think, that you can do something like this. look to your encrypted files, find something that you can download and use it
  5. i tried jsworm4 decryptor on JSWORM 4.0.3 encrypted file. Its not working well, the end of the decrypted files is corrupt. I send sample of original file, encrypted file, corrupted decrypted file and pair of encrypted / original files used to get decryption key.