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  1. I have it figured to some degree, I somehow managed to decrypt a jpeg file from faffing around. I’ll look into it more tomorrow
  2. Honestly the best thing any of us can do is just back up everything and completely format our drives, boot into safe mode and use portable software from a usb stick. Use malwarebytes and hitman pro to get rid of the virus then proceed to back everything up. Completely reinstall windows and just wait it out and keep our fingers crossed there will be a decrypter one day 💀
  3. I made the mistake of leaving my computer on whilst I was in rehab which I believe my brother used, that brother being notorious for trying to install cheats (viruses) for his games. I came back to the ransom page on my desktop. It’s practically identical to the rest I’ve seen here but the actual virus seems far more persistent. I was able to locate the executable responsible and delete it during safe mode but it came right back. I also manually found the registry entries related to the executable and deleted them. Literally every single executable is now encrypted meaning no access to the int
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