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  1. I'm glad someone got to the bottom it, I do have a question: If eam quarantines a part(s) of a program will that program still work or will it just not respond? I don't know how the quarantine works which is why I prevented it from quarantining every time it flagged in the initial screenshot.
  2. I downloaded the installer, double clicked it allowed it through windows uac I don't know if it has the install files or if it connects to expressvpn servers and downloads its install files, The detections are coming from ExpressVPN.NotificationServiceStarter which is currently in my startup menu. I've ran malware scans after install and there were no detection which is why it has me puzzled. As for the rest of your reply I don't understand your questions (msixxx and %temp% . tmp ) all went right over my head. I'm a noob never played with my anti malware no clue how it actually works.
  3. During installation of expressvpn and manual updates, I keep getting behavior blocker warnings. I stopped these from being quarantined because I've been using expressvpn for more than a year and this only started happening after windows 1903 was released. I have had issues a lot of issue with windows defender blocking not only express vpn but also emsisoft and my connection and a few other programs related to my system. Just wondering if I should have let these be quarantined but was not sure if these are false positive or if it would break expressvpn for running on my system.
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