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  1. hello! here is attached the txt file thas was in my desk and this is what i got at the beggining of the scan from STOPDecrypter: [+] Loaded 77 offline keys Please archive the following info in case of future decryption: [*] ID: PHRzz9x0iPAZnI8fXpdMhvToLNW14D23xFpat8cD [*] ID: X06Jr2pjnJf3kDUQyjrNBMKMQtPWQD63foZ1vutT [*] MACs: 00:1C:C4:8B:B5:30 This info has also been logged to STOPDecrypter-log.txt this is what i get when it finnished running: [!] No keys were found for the following IDs: [*] ID: PHRzz9x0iPAZnI8fXpdMhvToLNW14D23xFpat8cD (.nasoh ) [*]
  2. hello! I have the same ransomware D: if you could find a solution please contact me or post it here, I'm really worried because all my work's files are encrypted
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