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  1. It's here! Thank you to the Emsisoft and Syncro teams for this integration.
  2. Hi again, has there been any update from the Syncro team on this integration? Thank you!
  3. This just occurred to me: Can you predict what will happen to the license on the expiration date reported in the ECC? The instance currently shows as a Trial with 25 days remaining in the ECC, but from Syncro and from the program itself, the license shows as valid. Is it possible that I can simply continue to use the ECC past the expiration, or what is the prediction on what will happen? Thanks-- just looking for a work-around for now. ECC ^ Desktop program ^
  4. Hello, I hope this is the right place for this topic. We use the SyncroMSP platform for our RMM/ PSA solution. As you may know, Syncro is integrated with Emsisoft, so Emisosft licenses can be purchased and managed transparently from within Syncro. Meanwhile, we are testing the new Emsisoft Cloud Console. The problem is that when I connect Emsisoft instances that have been created/licensed from Syncro to the ECC, they show as unlicensed. I cannot apply the license key for the instances that I find at "Show License" in the program, as I receive error "The license you entered does not exist or is already registered with another user account or workspace." I expected this, because Syncro owns the license, not me. Thoughts on how to get this working? I will also engage with Syncro support but your team is faster and more clever 🙂 Thanks!! -Tim