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  1. Solved - thought I would add a further note in case anyone else encounters this problem. The simple solution was to remove the Avast exclusion from OA whilst leaving the OA exclusion in Avast. Banking mode is now working perfectly, no unwanted sites are being added to the Web Sites list and the computer boots without any issues. Thanks again for helping me work through this.
  2. Thank you catprincess and Nick for the information and help. Much appreciated.
  3. It would appear that the solution to the problem would be to no longer exclude Avast in OA. Unfortunately the reason I excluded Avast was that my computer locked up after the last Avast update to version 5.1.889 and wouldn't boot to the desktop. Quite a few OA users had the same problem and the advice on the Avast Forums was to exclude Avast in OA, not only the program files but also in the File System Shield, Behaviour Shield and the Web Shield. Is my browsing less safe as a result or can I infer from the quote above that it's only banking mode that isn't working properly but that I'm otherwise protected with OA Premium. I can always boot from my Ubuntu Live Disk to do my banking although I did like banking mode when it was working properly. What would you advise?
  4. I connect to the Internet through my ISP (Shaw Cable). My AV is Avast and I've needed to exclude Avast in OA and OA in Avast. Does a proxy server come into play here? I'm a little confused. It appears that every website I visit (and some that I haven't visited) gets added to OA's Web Sites list.
  5. That's the maddening thing...they all appear as trusted and reappear no matter how often I delete them! Additionally, OA allows me to go to websites that do not appear in OA's Web Sites. In essence banking mode is like normal mode and I can browse to any website even if it's not in OA's Web Sites. Surely that's not how it's supposed to work. Thanks for your reply catprincess.
  6. I have set up banking mode by visiting my bank websites and going through the learn process with each. Unfortunately my expectation that only websites that I've protected or trusted would be accessible is not being met. When in banking mode I'm am able to go to all manner of websites that I haven't chosen including some suspicious ones. When I check OA's website module I find dozens and dozens of websites that I didn't put there and that I certainly don't approve of. When in banking mode I want my computer to ONLY go to the sites that I have chosen and placed as trusted or protected in the websites module. This is not happening. I have seen other posts where people are having similar problems. Banking mode is NOT secure and this should either be investigated by Emsisoft or the option be disabled until it's fixed. I'm using OA Premium Please advise.