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  1. So I will have to reset first and then find out if I still have the virus?
  2. How should I know if it's working properly during the reset? (Detecting viruses and such)
  3. Also what if the virus is hidden in my files and if I back up my data I'll also back up the virus?
  4. Alright, if I reset will I lose everything?
  5. Yeah all the my exclusions are still grayed out. If it comes down to it, I think I might just factory reset my computer.
  6. Attached the scan reports. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  7. Also the grayed-out exclusions are still there and I still can't remove them.
  8. I removed them but I figured out a pattern that has been going on. Everytime I remove them from my PC, the next day, they're back again. Why is this happening?
  9. Attached a fresh scan report. roguekillertxt2.txt
  10. Attached the file. roguekillerscanreport1.txt
  11. I don't know because something weird is going on with my PC. When I try to go to Windows Defender, the image I attached appears.
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