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  1. thank you, man. thank you for the attention and everything.
  2. thank you so much for the recommendations. my HKEY_USERS
  3. what is this? kkk PROFESSOR, I THINK i've got the ransom from this keygen. I was trying to crack the office so, i only clicked in the office option and tried to crack it. i cant upload my regedit. it gives me an error. "-200"
  4. if you want, i cant send you screens of how i got this. do you want? I can show you the "Crack" I was trying to use to register the office i had downloaded by torrent.
  5. thank you so much. okay, man. I understand that in the moment, this .adame doesn't have a decryption yet. I have to wait.
  6. sorry to disturb, but I need help to decry-pt my archives. "Do you really want to restore your files? Write to email [email protected] or [email protected]" .ADAME is the ransomware .. i need help, guys. I have very important photographs and i cannot lose them. it is a SCARAB TYPE. ALL YOUR FILES ARE ENCRYPTED.txt l28Ovwatc4cIeo7GOXmxj+uK7BxE=FvdR7HY6ekHWJMEx0nTmkN9oan3jb9fw51zgjLIFT9hEosw4GJoddQCbqv2qFX82=Hp7mRXjT=GsbBnlfYsfzLaWXMlyeuGyns3uJxXPWd3VZVLuE=s.Adame