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  1. Thank you very much sir GT500, Im keep waiting on the ongoing process for this kind of Malware.. Yes I'll keep it up all my files here in my storage device. Allan
  2. To GT500 Sir I download the file from piratebay, when I start to install it then out of a sudden something wrong in my computer,, then I realized all my files were encrypted. but I cannot find now where is the files that i install. I also use the "stopdecrypter" although it includes inside about the ".carote" offline keys,, but when I try it,, it says +] File: D:\Grace\JS 23507 Abdulla 03.07.19\MVI_8307.MOV.carote [-] No key for ID: 6iQ4RUPuZqB0qis4pFpU95dwg6FF1HiNXgfPlFx1 (.carote ) This is the result shown from the StopDecrypter. From, Allan Tidalgo
  3. Thank you very much to you Amigo-A, I will start to do this instruction you've given to me. I will inform you afterwards Amigo-A
  4. Does anyone can help me my computer was attack by "Carote ransomware" all my files left encrypted with the extension name .carote ransomware Any decrypted software to help me recover all my files.