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  1. Thanks for answering. Yeah there are enterprise grade endpoint security products. I am testing one now that in theory will uninstall the prior product, and it claims to be able to do it on most Emsisoft versions. Hasn't worked yet though. I don't think I have time to wipe 92 pcs manually. Oh well good times..... But as I explore this there appears to be two different means of uninstalling Emsisoft. The unins000.exe in the C\Program Files\Emsisoft Anti-Malware folder. Or the .msi in Windows\Installer. The latter seems to be named something different or unique to point of being useless to script. I can script or at least launch the unins000.exe if I knew if it had a silent mode switch. That one asks for confirmation. I did check GPOs and there is no password on EAM but I think that workstation in the photo was jacked up. It was a test machine so I just wiped it.
  2. Actually I haven't been able to successfully uninstall it manually....Windows Installer says NO! The SysAdmin has set policies to prevent this installation.
  3. Thank you for your reply! I appreciate your time and expertise. However, UNinstall. I don't have the manpower/time available to take a2service and the EAM program OFF 100 PCs manually..... Cheers, JS
  4. Is there some means of remotely uninstalling this software or am I going to have to touch (personally log into) ~100 machines? Thanks, JS