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  1. @Demonslay335 Thank you so much. I appreciate the help.
  2. I guess so which is very annoying but I don't understand why no decryptor (versions 1.5, 1.6 or 2) would work seeing as I have the same problem as every other person that got infected.
  3. Alas, the decryptor didn't work for me. I wonder if this is the case for anyone else? I don't know what to do. I fortunately have backups of some files but not all.
  4. @GT500 Thank you so much for letting me know! I'll check out the decryptor now!
  5. @wergo You’re welcome and thank you for posting that quote. That explains why I haven’t heard from anyone. @GT500 I couldn’t agree more. It’s disappointing.
  6. I’ve written to them several times and after getting automated responses, I got no replies.
  7. @GT500 Thanks for you comment. I've gotten in touch with Tesorion via email but haven't heard from them since and I really need their help to get my files back. @Amigo-A Oh gosh! That's awful! I wish something could be done to elimate ransomware from the web.
  8. @GT500 Thank you so much for your help with both issues. OK, I'l get in touch with people form all sites to see if they have any solutions. I also look forward to hearing what the ransomware analysts have to say.
  9. I just tried decrypting a file again and the decryptor failed (shown in the screenshot)
  10. @GT500 and @Amigo-A, I ran the commands but they made no difference. I still get an error message when I access Windows Defender Firewall (shown in the screenshot). Also, I've been unable to decrypt my files using the Tesorion decryptor (v2.0.7228.29806). Everything starts off fine when I upload the ransom note but once I upload a file, it always fails to be decrypted. Is there way I could get help with getting my files back?
  11. @GT500 and @Amigo-A, thank you for the insights. I'll report back as soon as I do as instructed.
  12. @GT500 Sorry for my late reply. I've attached the FRST and Addition logs. Thank you again for your help! FRST.txt Addition.txt