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  1. I guess so which is very annoying but I don't understand why no decryptor (versions 1.5, 1.6 or 2) would work seeing as I have the same problem as every other person that got infected.
  2. Alas, the decryptor didn't work for me. I wonder if this is the case for anyone else? I don't know what to do. I fortunately have backups of some files but not all.
  3. @GT500 Thank you so much for letting me know! I'll check out the decryptor now!
  4. @wergo You’re welcome and thank you for posting that quote. That explains why I haven’t heard from anyone. @GT500 I couldn’t agree more. It’s disappointing.
  5. I’ve written to them several times and after getting automated responses, I got no replies.
  6. @GT500 Thanks for you comment. I've gotten in touch with Tesorion via email but haven't heard from them since and I really need their help to get my files back. @Amigo-A Oh gosh! That's awful! I wish something could be done to elimate ransomware from the web.
  7. @GT500 Thank you so much for your help with both issues. OK, I'l get in touch with people form all sites to see if they have any solutions. I also look forward to hearing what the ransomware analysts have to say.
  8. I just tried decrypting a file again and the decryptor failed (shown in the screenshot)
  9. @GT500 and @Amigo-A, I ran the commands but they made no difference. I still get an error message when I access Windows Defender Firewall (shown in the screenshot). Also, I've been unable to decrypt my files using the Tesorion decryptor (v2.0.7228.29806). Everything starts off fine when I upload the ransom note but once I upload a file, it always fails to be decrypted. Is there way I could get help with getting my files back?
  10. @GT500 and @Amigo-A, thank you for the insights. I'll report back as soon as I do as instructed.
  11. @GT500 Sorry for my late reply. I've attached the FRST and Addition logs. Thank you again for your help! FRST.txt Addition.txt
  12. That's amazing!!! I'm so excited! Thank you for letting me know. I've emailed them. I tried both methods for Windows Firewall and nothing worked. This is what Powershell reported when I ran the command: An error occurred while attempting to contact the Windows Defender Firewall service. Make sure that the service is running and try your request again. Are there any other methods you could please suggest?