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  1. @Amigo-A, Thank you again for your reply. OK, I'll delete SpyHunter and will download FRST. Please bear with me.
  2. Hello @Amigo-A, Thank you for getting in touch. I see. OK, here are 3 encrypted files and the ransom note is called NEMTY-DECRYPT.txt IMG_2439.JPG._NEMTY_VOv3Zme_ IMG_2440.JPG._NEMTY_VOv3Zme_ NEMTY-DECRYPT.txt
  3. Hello Kevin, I appreciate your very swift reply; thank you so much. I apologise for my not so quick reply; I've been reading up on this ransomware and what options I have. Thank you for the information provided. You're right, this is what you get when you download pirated programs. I uploaded the necessary files on the site and I've attached a picture of the results page. It seems that GandCrab v4.0 / v5.0 may help but I'm skeptical seeing as you've said that "outright cracking secure encryption is currently not possible". Annoyingly, I found that RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) was enabled/allowed so I quickly unchecked the "allow" box. I'm currently running SpyHunter4 on my laptop which picked up the cryptowall ransomware (screenshot is attached). Is there any advice you could please offer me?
  4. Hello, On Tuesday 27th August, I was downloading some iMazing torrents in order to transfer photos from iPhone to my laptop (Windows 10). After some time, I saw that all my files (except for music files), on my laptop and my external hard drive, had gone blank and had this extra extension attached: _NEMTY_VOv3Zme_ . I also got a ransom message as well that said that I would have to pay a cryptocurrency fee which is equal to $1000. I downloaded some ransomware programs to get rid of the malware and searched for the malware in my registry. It seems that I’ve been able to remove the ransomware but my files have been encrypted and it seems that the ransomware has affected my Windows Defender, as it refuses to go on. I ask if anyone can please help me find out how to decrypt my files and let me know if they have any information. I’d be so so grateful.