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  1. Hello! Ever since I created and deleted a bunch of Firefox profiles a couple days ago, I've been receiving the "please install the Browser Security extension in your browser (Firefox)" message again and again. However, the extension is installed in each of my profiles, and said profiles are correctly listed under Surf Protection. I checked in about:profiles that no other profile exists, and also checked that the old profiles' folders were deleted, so I'm not sure why it's doing this. Firefox x64 v70 Win 10 Home x64 v1903
  2. Thank you for the clear explanation, I can totally see your point and agree. It is true that a piece of malware inside an archive will remain harmless until extraction. And if the files are automatically scanned upon unpacking, well then not scanning inside the archive is not detrimental to the overall computer's security. I still think that the user should at least have the choice in that regard (as there's already other less time/resource intensive scan options available) but I guess this whole thing wasn't as big of a deal as I originally thought it was, and certainly not a deal breaker for me anymore.
  3. As much as I like EAM so far, this limitation is kind of a deal breaker for me to be honest, as it goes against the purpose of an on-demand scanner in my humble opinion. I expect from an on-demand scanner to analyse files based on user's requests, even if it means going through each and every single file/archive on a computer. I hope you guys will consider giving more control to the user over this matter in the future. The ability to choose if and how to exclude files based on size/depth is very common in AVs, and something I personally believe should be expected.
  4. Thank you for your answer. Is there any way to manually bypass these limits, and have EAM do a scan of absolutely everything on my computer? Call me parano, but I like to do such a scan once in a while, usually when I'm afk so the time it takes doesn't matter anyway.
  5. custom scan with everything checked but "use file extension filter"
  6. Hello, I installed the trial version of Emisosft Anti-Malware x64 yesterday, and I was really surprised that a full scan of my computer with no exclusion only took 11min 40sec or so. Even with the direct disk access option checked, which is supposed to be much more slower, the scan only lasted 2 minutes more. The reason why I'm inquiring about this is because with other programs I'm using/have used in the past, a complete system scan would typically take much more time : Avira Pro and MBAM - many folders excluded : 20 to 30 minutes NOD32 - no exclusion : 1 hour Windows 10's MRT - no exclusion : 40-45 minutes What also surprises me is how fast EAM went through my entire collection of game mods, which amounts to about 60Go of compressed archives, some of them quite big. These usually take forever to scan, why I'm normally only scanning them once before adding them to the exclusion list. My apologies if it's a silly question, but how is EAM so fast? Is the scan really thorough?