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  1. Your not on your own, Its totally ridiculous, and at least your lucky you used the Trial, I bought the thing 2 yr Licence costing me $49.95 AUD, and I too uninstalled it, and requested a refund. Unfortunately I used a redemption gift card I got from Toshiba for $100 I asked them to refund it to my Major Credit Card, as the letter I got from Citibank who issued the Pre-Paid Mastercard said in no way must a customer try to reload the card or Add funds to it. Well They refused to do that saying they could only refund to the card used to make the purchase, and insist the refund was Actioned to the pre-paid card. Citibank deny this, so I have Online Armor sitting on a USB drive, and if I dont get my cash back, I'm going to have to keep using it, untill I see satisfaction. Hopefully they will read our posts,and bring out an update that will satisfy us both.
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