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  1. Also I read somewhere that the virus deletes files and replaces them with nemty extension copies. So I used a Data recovery tool to recover files. Unfortunately, bery small percentage of my infected video files are there for recovery. The attack happened today itseld and I can't seem to underatand how some files are there to recover but majority are lost.
  2. I downloaded a zip file for a font and suddenly, everything got infected. Is there a way to decrypt the files that have been affected, in any way? I had a bunch that were very important and I foolishly didn't save at any other location. They are asking $1000 to decrypt the files. I'm attaching an image file that is now corrupted, and the text file that is asking for ransom. TIA! _NEMTY_eosvxrH_-DECRYPT.txt david-benoit-1497777501-800.jpg._NEMTY_18YBOxZ_
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