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  1. Hello everyone ! I was infected by Adame yesterday ([email protected]) when i saw that some extension 's files was changing i turned off my computer then i turned it on again and gone to the task manager and found 2 stranges processes (i forgot the name) i turn them off and i saw that there was one of my hdd was not infected. I never saw a wallpaper with a message who advert about the ransom. So i concluded that the infection process was interrupted. i tried restoration point from window but it doesn t work so i format system hdd and install a "new" window 10. (maybe i should let the system hdd as it was ... ? ) Amigo-A said (in this discussion) : Paradox: If encryption was be interrupted by an abnormal shutdown of the PC (reset), then there would be more chances What are those chances ? I have some files in two version : one, not infected from an external backup and the same infected. Is it better to increase decryption process ? Is there some tool i could use ? Thanks for all of your advices !