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  1. Please find attached other encrypted files. [[email protected]].0FHGtt5n-r1w4Cm01.YDH3 [[email protected]].GV3KZ9S1-P6U7Q3mI.YDH3 [[email protected]].z9nOsnRg-0V1POqfn.YDH3
  2. Thank @quietman7. Did you find any ransom notes and if so, what is the actual name of the ransom note?Can you provide (copy & paste) the ransom note contents?Did the cyber-criminals provide an email address to send payment to? If so, what is the email address? I have attached the encryoted file with ransom notes. Content of the ransom notes are found below: HOW TO RECOVER YOUR FILES? WE HAVE TO INFORM YOU THAT ALL YOUR FILES WERE ENCRYPTED! PLEASE BE SURE THAT YOUR FILES ARE NOT BROKEN! Your files were encrypted with AES-128+RSA-2048 crypto alg
  3. Hi, We have got a ransomware attacka dn the files are encrypted with YDH3 extension. Anybody has any idea how to decrypt them. Thanks!
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