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  1. Please find attached other encrypted files. [[email protected]].0FHGtt5n-r1w4Cm01.YDH3 [[email protected]].GV3KZ9S1-P6U7Q3mI.YDH3 [[email protected]].z9nOsnRg-0V1POqfn.YDH3
  2. Thank @quietman7. Did you find any ransom notes and if so, what is the actual name of the ransom note?Can you provide (copy & paste) the ransom note contents?Did the cyber-criminals provide an email address to send payment to? If so, what is the email address? I have attached the encryoted file with ransom notes. Content of the ransom notes are found below: HOW TO RECOVER YOUR FILES? WE HAVE TO INFORM YOU THAT ALL YOUR FILES WERE ENCRYPTED! PLEASE BE SURE THAT YOUR FILES ARE NOT BROKEN! Your files were encrypted with AES-128+RSA-2048 crypto algorithms. * Please note that there is no way to decrypt your files without unique decryption key and special software. Your unique decryption key is securely stored on our server. * Please note that all the attempts to recover your files by yourself or using third party tools will result only in irrevocable loss of your data! * Please note that you can recover files only with your unique decryption key, which stored on our server. HOW TO RECOVER FILES? Please write us to the e-mail, we will send you instruction how to recover your data. Our main e-mail: [email protected] Our secondary e-mail: [email protected] Our secondary e-mail: [email protected] Please write to our main e-mail. If you will not receive answer in 24 hours, please write to our secondary e-mails! Please always check SPAM folder! * Write on English or use professional translator In subject line write your personal ID: 1BAE2491E4E6F29A For your assurance you can attach up to 3 small encrypted files to your message. We will decrypt and send you decrypted files for free. * Please note that files must not contain any valuable information and their total size must be less than 5Mb. Please don't worry, we can help you to RESTORE your server to original state and decrypt all your files quickly and safely! OUR HELP! You have to pay for our help in Bitcoin Cryptocurrency. Immidiately after payment we will send you (by e-mail) automatic decryption tool and your unique decryption key. You just have to start decryption tool on your server and all files will be automatically decrypted. All original file names will be restored too. QXvmCQ6J
  3. Hi, We have got a ransomware attacka dn the files are encrypted with YDH3 extension. Anybody has any idea how to decrypt them. Thanks!
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