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  1. Did you look anyehere else to find a solution Mr_Ohrberg?
  2. So basically, you suggest to fully erase+reset+etc... my NAS and forget about all his utilities (UPnP, guest account, and even Samba enabled, FTP, etc…) because your decryptor is actually not able to decrypt MegaLocker. I don't understand why this apparently "basic" issue look unsolvable: those 2 ransomware are pretty close, I can barely think that even they've not been made by the same guys, one is currently a copy of the other. if it's not the case, why keep suggesting that you have a decryptor for Megalocker whereas it can only work with the NamPoHyu? Change the name please, because you create more disappointment than something else I don't understand why you suggest to erase my NAS, where I want to find a solution to get some of my data back? If you're not able to help by the end, I will look for another company to solve this issue or even pay the ransom, because Why would I spend money to protect myself from ransomware if your or any other company providing ransomware protection are not even able to understand the way victims have been "infected"? Thanks for you're help, but keep in mind that the prizes Emsisoft received for their efforts to fight again ransomware invasion, don't really reflect you're ability to solve the MegaLocker issue (so change the name of you're decryptor)
  3. Thanks GT500, I add the decrypt_instruction.txt file, it is Megalocker for sure. I just mess with the date: my NAS was crypted the 14th of march 2019. A minor issue is that I don't have a PC, so a friend of mine give me one to test and try your decrypter, but I didn't work. the other issue (or maybe a solution) my NAS has a RAID 0 (2x 2Go HDD) config. and I'm not really sure how to bypass/or try to just mount the second drive separatly to see if the files have also been crypted. I ask WD a year ago, but they never answer on how to mount the second drive individually (and access the files). Anyway thanks a lot for your answer, and maybe a last question: Is your decrypter working theorically both for NamPhu and Megalocker, or only with the NamPhu version? extra information: I don't know if it can help but I live in switzerland, Geneva (at the time my NAS was crypted) thanks for all, stay safe at home during this strange pandemic period !DECRYPT_INSTRUCTION.TXT
  4. I Emsisoft, attached file you will find a crypted an the uncrypted version of a picture, from my WD NAS which has been infected by MegaLocker. I'm on a Mac computer, so I believe that it was done through Samba, the 13th of March 2019. I don't know if it will help but, I really want to get my family pictures back, and maybe I should send the same content to Western Digital to see if they can help? Maybe I should also share to BleepingComputer ? I don't care spending 250$ to get those pictures back, but as you recommend, I won't till I think there is kind of hope… IMG_9541.JPG.crypted
  5. As I’m in the same case as many, would it be useful for you if i send a bundle of crypted and not crypted files to help emsisoft find more “keys” and update you’re decryption tool effective (for mega locker)?