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  1. ---=== Welcome. Again. ===--- [+] Whats Happen? [+] Your files are encrypted, and currently unavailable. You can check it: all files on you computer has expansion dd7cda9x0. By the way, everything is possible to recover (restore), but you need to follow our instructions. Otherwise, you cant return your data (NEVER). [+] What guarantees? [+] Its just a business. We absolutely do not care about you and your deals, except getting benefits. If we do not do our work and liabilities - nobody will not cooperate with us. Its not in our interests. To check the ability of returning files, You should go to our website. There you can decrypt one file for free. That is our guarantee. If you will not cooperate with our service - for us, its does not matter. But you will lose your time and data, cause just we have the private key. In practise - time is much more valuable than money. [+] How to get access on website? [+] You have two ways: 1) [Recommended] Using a TOR browser! a) Download and install TOR browser from this site: https://torproject.org/ b) Open our website: http://aplebzu47wgazapdqks6vrcv6zcnjppkbxbr6wketf56nf6aq2nmyoyd.onion/7CB757C85A0F7611 2) If TOR blocked in your country, try to use VPN! But you can use our secondary website. For this: a) Open your any browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE, Edge) b) Open our secondary website: http://decryptor.top/7CB757C85A0F7611 Warning: secondary website can be blocked, thats why first variant much better and more available. When you open our website, put the following data in the input form: Key: CqiomRJITGQYLsTX7phS0H0Zae4I3feFRgjkWGXN8Qg4EWFekxJVdI3UazkNDABJ AWVF81iFqlR3y6Q3JRncZ2qyaVjUCb7I1Ef1Pqcg6ouBAzD/FdhhnNm80FRLwjKO +o8/GBBm7dT2HO7D4nxucY8KDPfSqcNF+pHmq9kTK8KScFbElO9BdXLFc4ELDaoN PFHkToGIqlopcF8wbuntFQ97SYe/kkd66NRT4WVZWQV5tyw+m7+6Ey6jNAxkGQX0 IknyEWTkfXVn9kZCVgOisXmxyhAaSKIFhGSuWBGahmK8EPSMdNd9jhW6gpBBtBcx Eb5qWFd3LELjfwbrWVMx8pb5IKUS06aprkmCPSFTxNxucrlhlDrRQfGt+uKsO6PU 37A8qbMY2cWUcBTQ90Sb9HDN6f9dBfMscpuVuYmTXnybp8TCJavvf7prYBQ3LZDq BYuO3nGCukev0KNUJU6jb9n9l9laIPejbdKa9XHcMgy/OOyezr5+2VCdmxpE+sUi QZWdgB3f0HZadotybYgWTJHyH/TAb/U67TkQu6MP32GM/iqqcsy6r0PiPtaX2vll qf1NnpzjBRlOOWnI8RdKxyK8WJXlXe+GFov+MHKlsnyRDfypeLZT5OtRNzBoton8 ZTYeBkQPbhihM4JEBI4PbPgm13L1+W1FqJaHHse7WgZo0vFxG5G5qlEN1vX3XEIP 5X6w9NRPCzKQILcilWrHrMy28NJw6IhFmGH6Dfg+Q6RIatyHYFf0FM/S2vQRxt4v kWDI4zEAnKMJON2Mh0vR/sKk3UrI2RFd9ZbjXwTwk77wuX49Oz0incZaCceK47pv u8B4JU9mlUvKJPBDa1/h7QVpJ3Rl1J0n0bCkH2p8i9nu5hwOAWxHoGRpW8jP3R2D OdmCoBfHEsWp4Ql10NGVWuAVMEvTA23ER/bzx5L3RPl7C6J3h9NIiZypDMgpwzbD T9/isQgqPadMccwcMhNqarw8Z9rWm5Hfiux8tV3LbfFVdGyGkqK7QLJOGKtFCSXN MAibXFXeGNNJMTakQZCROwM169GSoYcY8dRWAJwQPvFqErkt/gJdX0ZecyC61HpH txOkTktpfADkVLBmGKm/Z5A6319MxI3wfZs2qDAzUDPGCdM0xXBdFbEXmus2HXcW QUQ9suWZhk38fQaz9Ord23yi+Ia28wP/jD6jiBQi+J5lB6AaHkaMNkCLBlV4vkyx vBr7ZPTUH07n0JNJMJ4nilIbXU4+dEhZ8h0qqZJMM+zAoxjFHo2anQP7k+sUbk1F IN2w3irYOftntB7NHHUHdFHakII+JcDumi/dkpLK3pOc7tyiA8+ods4f93WfSItY hNs0Zf5oDXtNI2Hsk4UffT1yXzTz7gLUY1nCjJMdeSb9vMuG Extension name: dd7cda9x0 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- !!! DANGER !!! DONT try to change files by yourself, DONT use any third party software for restoring your data or antivirus solutions - its may entail damge of the private key and, as result, The Loss all data. !!! !!! !!! ONE MORE TIME: Its in your interests to get your files back. From our side, we (the best specialists) make everything for restoring, but please should not interfere. !!! !!! !!!