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  1. Thank you @Amigo-A & @GT500 Where will I upload report to ? Your help means so much thank you.
  2. Thanks Amigo-A Mosquito bites can happen a lot and be nasty ! I think my pc has more then the .adame /phobos infection and McAfee have been told where to take their inept firewall and total protection ! No open ports on pc no torrents no illegal software so how this happened is beyond me. I can only hope that there is a decryptor soon and that the dark forces behind this are stopped and caught.
  3. Thanks GT500 I think my pc has more than .adame / phobos on it. 😢
  4. My files are enrcryted with .adame which is phobos ransomware apparently. As I said above Ihad just come back from holiday and had not had time to back up all my holiday photos and work documents. I never use software that is not paid for and I have McAfee Total Protection plus Malware Bytes, paid for legally, I never use pirated or hacked software, so I am perplexed as to how my pc got infected and I am now beginning to wonder just who it is that is behind these attacks as there are 'companies' making a lot of money from this. Perhaps all is not what it seems with these Ransomware infections? Paranoid much, you bet I am. But I have it all logged with UK Action Fraud and the Police and it's not what you know it's who you know that helps as they say.
  5. Anyone able to help please ? Thank you.
  6. All my files are encrypted with .adame No shadow files available all gone I did post in another thread asking for advice can anyone help thank you. I have backed up all files offline just incase there is a fix soon for Phobos/ Adame
  7. I contacted the UK Cyber Crime Unit and UK Action Fraud and my IP Provider. I did manage to grab the criminals IP but then I suppose they are using various VPN's. I refuse to pay the ransom goodness knows how much it would be anyway.
  8. Hi everyone newbie here lovely to meet you all. I've been infected ( well my pc has ) with the dreaded Phobos Ransomware. I know there is no key yet for it but just wondered if anyone else has had any luck getting their files back without paying the criminals. I did have most of my files backed up but not all of them as I had just come back from holiday and had not had time to back up all my holiday photos and work documents, the files that have been infected are really precious so I am really upset.