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  1. I was also infected and encrypted by .mosk, and most of my data is encrypted and there is no way to decrypt it now.
  2. Update: The mosk ransomware still encrypt data after using SpyHunter5 cleaning.
  3. Yes !!! I also was encrypted by the most too in Nov 11, 2019. Emisoft Decryptor for Djvu can't decrypt the encrtpted file now. My code is here. Your personal ID: 0180jYgs9f6s9neKTJ6pNZ1A5yYzZn6XDDRuJo7UN18QRARSKrGb
  4. mosk looks like STOP Dijv. It will encrypt my data such as video, photo, short cut,word file,txt file,exe.... I even can't run the task manager that open and shut down few seconds. I used SpyHunter5 to clean the mosk soucre file, then no more file encrypting. However, I try to use Emsisoft Decryptor for STOP Djvu that decrypt the encrypted file and it doesn't work. I was encrypted on Nov 11,2019. It looks the new ransomware. Anyone was encrypted the mosk?