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  1. But my laptop has been encrypted by new STOP/djvu ransomware called mosk and I have tried uploading the file but its shows the error.Check the uploaded image for the same.
  2. Unable to decrypt Old Variant ID: FCDFmimNvc8rtxYYEAOKsLgTYOii2ZdLjxH0aOeR First 5 bytes: D0CF11E0A1 This is the error I am getting when I tried decrypting files.
  3. /Is there any possibility that key will be found for Online ID in future?
  4. Can you forward my details to Demonslay335? If he is able to find key for my ID.
  5. Hello, Personal ID from decryptor - FCDFmimNvc8rtxYYEAOKsLgTYOii2ZdLjxH0aOeR Personal ID from ransom note - 0180jYgs9f6sFCDFmimNvc8rtxYYEAOKsLgTYOii2ZdLjxH0aOeR MAC address : 38-B1-DB-EE-BD-6D Extension - .mosk Please help me in decrypting my files. _readme.txt BYJUs Experience Letter.pdf.mosk
  6. I have backed up my files.Hope in the future the decryptor will be able to recover my files.But I am to see two IDs one is online and other is offline.So what are the chances of recovering the files in the future if you have a online ID?
  7. I have tried emsisoft decryptor. It is not able to decrypt the files.
  8. My laptop has been infected by .mosk ransomware and I am not able to recover my files using decryptor. I have got two IDs of ransomware:- ID1:- 0180jYgs9f6sFCDFmimNvc8rtxYYEAOKsLgTYOii2ZdLjxH0aOt1 ID2:- 0180jYgs9f6sFCDFmimNvc8rtxYYEAOKsLgTYOii2ZdLjxH0aOeR I have attached both readme.text file with both ids. Please help me to decrypt my files.I have restored some files from my hard disk backup and want to recover my remaining 30GB data. _readme.txt _readme.txt smooth-muscle.jpg.mosk