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  1. Running into an issue with updating Emsisoft Command line scanner. Rebooting the pc does not seem to help. This seems to happen on multiple pcs. - Are there any tricks to get this to update? OS: Windows 10 64bit Build 1909 or higher C:\EmsisoftCmd>a2cmd.exe /update /s Emsisoft Commandline Scanner v. 2019.10.0.9800 (C) 2003-2019 Emsisoft - www.emsisoft.com Update start: 2/22/2021 10:54:47 AM 0 KB (100%) of 0 KB downloaded... C:\EmsisoftCmd>
  2. Is there a way to update the current version without having to download the .exe maybe via command?
  3. I am attempting to update the signatures and every time I try, it says 0 KB (100%) of 0 KB downloaded... and never updates Has anyone run into this before and know of any fixes? Rebooting the pc does not seem to fix it. Thank you
  4. Good Afternoon, I am attempting to use Commandline scanner to scan multiple drives may it be internal and external. What would the script be for Emsisoft to scan multiple drives? When I attempt to put in /F=(path), it does not scan the external drive. The (path) is where I am trying to tell it to scan the external. Thank you
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