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  1. I figured it out, all thanks to you. When I was about to save it with ANSI character encoding, as I typed it showed the autocomplete name which was "whitelist.txt.txt". You see when I saved it the first time I typed in the entire name + file extension and set it to save as a txt file and it saved it as whitelist.txt.txt. I got it to work, but I can't help to feel a bit stupid now. Thank you very much for your effort, hope you have a great weekend.
  2. Nope, a number of times I tried leaving either a blank space or a blank line in the whitelist.txt but still no luck at whitelisting it. I also left a few spaces in the command after the whitelist argument yet it still finds 1 virus ( You think uninstalling and reinstalling might do the trick ?
  3. Still doesn't work. My whitelist contains the following: E:\avtestfile\ My commands are run as followed: cd C:\EEK\bin64 a2cmd /f=E:\avtestfile /log=E:\log.txt /wl=E:\whitelist.txt Results are the same. I'll attach the log file as well as my whitelist if that might help. Perhaps you know of a workaround for this to work ? scanlog.log whitelist.txt.txt
  4. Hi everyone. So I downloaded Emsisoft Emergency Kit and then I saw you can use it from the command prompt. Immediately I went and downloaded the test file to use. Everything went great until I tried to whitelist is. My whitelist.txt contains the following: (I attached the txt file as well) E:\*\ e:\*\eicar E:\avtestfile\ e:\avtestfile\ E:\avtestfile\eicar e:\avtestfile\eicar As it can be clearly seen I created a separate partition to do the testing. Am I doing something wrong ? Is there a specific format to use ? I would very much appreciate it if someone could give a little guidance. Thank you! whitelist.txt.txt