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  1. Excuse me but I can't, won't you, I can send you by telegram. please help me hereby won't let me. my english is basic, sorry
  2. I'm with the same problem. Please someone to be able to pass my files by telegram. I cannot send files by this means I really need help please
  3. gt500 friend . thanks Please. I need help with this problem. I am very desperate. thank you for your support centrum salud publica.pdf.heroset guias_atencion_integral_nino_0_a_5_anos.pdf
  4. I'm lost? I'm dead? DO NOT tell me this please. Someone should or can help me.
  5. Heroset In my post they said yes. Only it is a variant. Can you help me if I send it but I can't send my file. I think you can, now I need to know if I can pay to help me. just ask me for it .
  6. I already tried friend. Excuse me but I don't know what else I can do. It would help me a lot if you can give me another solution. please
  7. Hi. Look at my first picture, it's the same file. but I can not . I really tried everything I have and I still get error
  8. Please can you help me . T.T I'm not good at this. But I only ask for a solution. I am very sad
  9. 74/5000 I can't, don't send any files, get nothing. error and much error
  10. Hello I get this error I can't send it
  11. My files are encrypted with the extension .HEROSET and I can’t seem to find any decryption tool in this site that decrypts such data Your personal ID: 098bnvvbfgfgXFmm14V2DwtB3eDJzeLNvz5yXrttyC99t15crOae [*] MACs: 1C:1B:0D:C2:7D:04 today 11/24/2019 update the program and I still have no solution please I need help Sorry for my bad English, I'm just a very worried person. thank you be able to listen