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  1. gt500 friend . thanks Please. I need help with this problem. I am very desperate. thank you for your support centrum salud publica.pdf.heroset guias_atencion_integral_nino_0_a_5_anos.pdf
  2. I'm lost? I'm dead? DO NOT tell me this please. Someone should or can help me.
  3. Heroset In my post they said yes. Only it is a variant. Can you help me if I send it but I can't send my file. I think you can, now I need to know if I can pay to help me. just ask me for it .
  4. I already tried friend. Excuse me but I don't know what else I can do. It would help me a lot if you can give me another solution. please
  5. Hi. Look at my first picture, it's the same file. but I can not . I really tried everything I have and I still get error
  6. Please can you help me . T.T I'm not good at this. But I only ask for a solution. I am very sad
  7. 74/5000 I can't, don't send any files, get nothing. error and much error
  8. Hello I get this error I can't send it
  9. My files are encrypted with the extension .HEROSET and I can’t seem to find any decryption tool in this site that decrypts such data Your personal ID: 098bnvvbfgfgXFmm14V2DwtB3eDJzeLNvz5yXrttyC99t15crOae [*] MACs: 1C:1B:0D:C2:7D:04 today 11/24/2019 update the program and I still have no solution please I need help Sorry for my bad English, I'm just a very worried person. thank you be able to listen