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  1. @GT500 is it hard for the police to track their psychical ip from the email they sent us? i contacted the CIA and I hope they can set up a bait by tracking down the physical ip address where the payment is sent. However I have copies of all my files but from 7 months ago but all the files i've used for my music project created in that time are lost. such a loss for me.
  2. Got encrypted with .zobm and .rote ID: 0186Asd374y5iuhldLOE0r3Ph509V2KDaiPEVAaIJr0wIboqaGzqAv2xd i attached a .zobm file with an original txt file. Hope it helps. I have 4 tb of valuable files encrypted with the same .zobm . Need to have this resolved as soon as possible. Leikir sem mig langar í.txt.zobm _readme.txt löggan.txt.rote Leikir sem mig langar í.txt