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  1. I do have one JPEG from the same card that is not infected, and I have tonnes of infected jpegs. Although when I upload it, it's mentioned that it's not the exact same file (which is correct) So I guess there is no solution in that case?
  2. Unfortunately neither, the card got totally encrypted as soon as it was put in the computer.
  3. Yes I do have that. Also I have XML files that are created when recording a video. Those are small and easy to upload. However I have tried uploading a pair of those but the uploader said it was not a matched upload of the original and encrypted file
  4. Yes I have read all that documentation, however I unfortunately don't have originals of the encrypted files. (It has encrypted my SD card when I put it in a friends computer) so it has encrypted the files when I wanted to get them off the card.
  5. Hi, some files have been encrypted with TFUDE. Unfortunately I don't have the original files. The decryptor can not decrypt these files as it does not have my key... (I believe) It says "Error:P Unable to decrypt file with ID: vQNCMTRmHSC8q8MHGkO5Ws5CeQLc9bhF24iPX9bF " Could you assist me with this? Kind regards,