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  1. I sent the logs and here's what I've found out. Newly restored laptop with no programs except preinstalled ones. 1. I updated to Windows version 1909 then installed Office 365, imported the pst file and copied to backup folder. 2. Installed EAM and started log files. Copied pst file to backup folder. 3. Installed Norton Security and tried to copy pst file but failed. 4. Uninstalled Norton and tried to copy and failed. Stopped the logs and sent them to support. I didn't even try to install Acronis since I can't copy the pst file at all now. 5. Uninstalled EAM and could copy the pst file to a backup. Norton changed something that EAM is not compatible with - EVEN after UNINSTALLING Norton it did not resolve the copy issue.
  2. Hope this doesn't get too wordy, but I have an older laptop that I'm cloning an HDD drive to an SDD to use in the laptop. This older laptop I've restored to the factory default so there's no other programs on it except the pre-installed stuff that the laptop maker includes. My plan is to: 1. Do all Microsoft updates to bring the default to current security and software updates and that would include the v. 1909 Win 10 Pro build. 2. Install Office365 and import the pst file to this laptop (doing this first since it's the pst file that's at issue) then trying a drag/drop or copy/paste to a backup folder (on same C disk) 3. After successfully doing 2, I'll install EAM (I have a 3rd license unused so no problem there) then I'll enable the logging for the continuation of this process. I'll try to copy pst file to backup folder. 4. If unsuccessful I'll stop the log and send it to you with what I did. If successful in the copying of pst I'll install Norton 365 and try to copy the pst file to the backup folder (the logs still would be running). 5. If Norton is not preventing the copying process then I'll install Acronis True Image and try the copying process. 6. If the backup copy process fails at any point, I'll stop the logs and send them to you with an explanation. Is there a different process you'd like before I do this? I can't use the GoodSync program because I only have 1 license and I don't think GoodSync is the problem but Acronis OR perhaps Norton, as you've stated? Thanks
  3. I would consider it but I'll have to do it when I have more time. That's going to be more involved. Not sure when I can test that out. Sorry...
  4. A followup to the incompatibility concern... I deactivated Active Protection and disabled all Acronis components from starting. I then rebooted and Acronis was not running and task manager showed no components running. Tried to copy and same issue with not being able to copy the pst file. Sorry about all this but it would be nice if it could be fixed so I could use GoodSync again to sync my file instead of having Acronis do it (it creates a .tib file that I have to extract the pst from). So much easier when the pst file is copied "as is" with GoodSync. Anyway, thanks for all your help and I'll await any response. Thank you
  5. That is true when you "shut down" the computer, but it's not true when you reboot or restart the computer. Restarting "releases" ALL files and clears memory, etc., of all processess and does not create an image. And as for EAM and Acronis running the same time, it seems odd that only 1 file, the pst file, is being affected and no other file. I would be curious if any other EAM user with Acronis installed and EAM and Outlook running is having the same issue. I can tell you that both my computer and laptop have this issue so it's not just 1 machine. Although my laptop isn't running all the time and therefore, sync'ing the files only happens when it's running and the only file not sync'ing is the pst file. So I guess Acronis and EAM aren't compatible? Thank you. Spikey
  6. Shouldn't a PC reboot take care of releasing any program that is open by another program? Acronis only backs up the file in question, it doesn't keep it "open". Closing Outlook would, of course, release the pst file. Spikey
  7. I'm still not sure what you're asking but so long as Outlook is open, the pst won't copy. If I close Outlook, the pst file will copy. To open Outlook only when I check emails is not what Outlook is for. The program remains running so emails are checked on a preset schedule and task, contacts, etc can be sync'd. Right now I'm using another program (Acronis) to sync my pst file to a backup drive and I'll continue doing that until a fix is found for Emsisoft. I don't want to discontinue EAM over this pst file issue, but it bugs me that it's happening. I hope they can find a fix for this bug. Spikey
  8. I sent debug logs to supoort yesterday. Nothing made a difference. In reference to the post from JeremyNicoll, Outlook is an email program and to start and stop Outlook to have the pst file copied is not helpful. Outlook is set to check emails every hour and will alert me when new ones arrive. To stop the program so EAM doesn't prevent the pst file to be copied defeats the purpose of what I use Outlook for. It also has contacts, calendar entries, tasks, etc that sync between devices and if it's not running it won't sync. Never had a problem with copying the pst file until I installed EAM. Hope that helps explaining why I use Outlook and what is currently happening. Spikey
  9. I've tried that already. It doesn't work. But I'll try it again. I had even set the entire folder excluded. Thank you
  10. Just sent them. Hope this helps. Thanks Spike
  11. I have GoodSync (by Siber Systems) that sync files/folders to a backup drive. I have Windows 10 Pro build 1909 and Office 365. Since installing EAM the Outlook.pst file stopped syncing and gives a copy error. I can't manually copy the pst file to the backup drive either (using the copy and paste method OR the drag and drop method). If I close Outlook then the pst file can be copied with no problem. If I restart Outlook the pst file will not copy. If I uninstall Emsisoft Malware then the pst file will copy and sync with GoodSync and by doing a manual copy. If I reinstall EAM then the pst file fails to copy or sync. It's clear Emsisoft is the culprit. I just started using Emsisoft a couple weeks ago and that's when this problem started. Any help? Thanks Spike