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  1. Can it be possible to contact stellar data recovery, is there a way to recover?
  2. When the private keys get released, and I could find online ID(hoping). Then I need to submit that ID to emsisoft to add their database and then I can decrypt?
  3. Thanks for replying. I guess, I need to wait for 4-5 months, might be some solution come up soon. Are you agree on this?
  4. Please tell me how to decrypt my files again. All of my lifetime memories(pictures) are lost. File: D:\good_projects\admin\fckeditor\_samples\default.html.nakwError: Unable to decrypt file with ID: Q7RqEF4N8nKvwoBHwYtuQTUDLjzbK05SJ7TXDvmm _readme.txt Photo-0002.jpg.nakw Photo-0003.jpg.nakw Photo-0004.jpg.nakw
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