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  1. Nope, big, big ... thank you. I just try to participate. If I have contributed at least a little I have reason to be pleased ...
  2. This is it. Here is some crypted files, if you want more or different extensions, I can attach, I have millions of them I know it's not funny ... The only one text file I received from the attacker was attached in the first post. Thank you for your patience. A-SD-HD.jpg.rote GPS.txt.rote
  3. Actually someone posted for .msop, same Id as I have with .rote files. There is decrypter log in attachment as you can see the ID is the same. If you want I will send posted rsa key in private message or whatever you want.
  4. Tnx for answer, That's all clear, but focus of my question was what can I do if I have a private key, can I send to you or what? I know only the criminals have private key (probably aes) but someone posted private key for ID 8vqlSswfRM10lCmckClRtShnwcsZaWzZnsPeYbt1 (which is mine) of course I can't be sure if it works, maybe it will help to someone else ... Sorry if bothering You, I'm just try to participate.
  5. After seven month nothing new, I know ... there is a thousand cases ... I read a little bit and if I understood we have Id inside the read.me public key. To decrypt files I need private key. Em I wright? What can I do if I have private key? tnx.
  6. Tnx I will wait, honestly I don't have to much option, maybe some day ...
  7. Yeah happened to me yesterday … Every single file (a billion) in data partition is encrypted. Damage is huge but no time to cry, system reinstalled and no new .rote files. Any chance, ever ... tnx ... Word.doc Word.doc.rote _readme.txt
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