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  1. Excuse me, I do not understand what is the orginial unencrypted file. My case is the harddrive have differnent files inside, all pictures and documents were locked in some files. luckly, still one file's pictures were not infected but some documents still infexted and locked in this same file. At this moment, i tried the decryptor, i placed an uninfected photo in second button, it still file not support, how can i fix it?
  2. Excuseme, what is that mean "But you need to find at least one original file in a pair to the encrypted one in order to extract the decryption key." I tried the decryptor but the second item"orginial" show that it was not work
  3. my computer was infected 2k19sys virus, all documents and files were locked, how can I unlocked them?DSC00258.JPG_9Mm5Bz_{[email protected]_9Mm5Bz_{[email protected]}.2k19sysDSC00258.JPG_9Mm5Bz_{[email protected]}.2k19sysDSC00258.JPG_9Mm5Bz_{[email protected]}.2k19sysDSC00258.JPG_9Mm5Bz_{[email protected]}}.2k19sys Test 1 2012-04.doc_9Mm5Bz_{[email protected]}.2k19sys T4 (03-2012),有答案).doc_9Mm5Bz_{[email protected]}.2k19sys IMG-20150217-WA0001.jpg_9Mm5Bz_{[email protected]}.2k19sys -=###_INFO_you_FILE_###=-.txt