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  1. To know that there are two different exclusion settings (one for scanning and another for monitoring) is good to know so as not to feel like such a dummy head, lol
  2. I did the exclusion process on the program itself plus the folder and now I get a crash error... so, whats to be done about this? Do I need to reboot (sorta busy now)? This whole thing has thrown a monkey wrench in my media driven day. I now have to use clunky-as-f windows media player or VLC. WAH!!! WAH!!! WAH!!!
  3. The ID has a t1 so why won't the encryptor work?
  4. Using Win7 Home Primium. On December 2 2019 5:00PM. Attempted to download ImgBurn, looking for open source software to rip an old DVD home movie into an mp4. Had been using MagicISO to convert audio CD files into mp3's and this seemed a natural progression. As soon as "I decline" on one of the installation options was clicked, the taskbar icon became a weird little 'pixel phone'. No donwload status and all these strange HUD appeared in Italian. Killed those apps in taskbar but that was too late. Almost every file in documents, downloads and desktop has a .hets extention now. Cannot
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