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  1. Is the Dark theme available only in the beta version of EEK at the moment? I don't see any option in the stable version.
  2. I have FRST logs but it was after I uninstalled Emsisoft due to the bug. Would this log be helpful? If yes then how should I sent it to you?
  3. Yes I enabled that before submitting the logs. Logs attached above should have the info I guess. Already 2 other users in this thread faced similar issue so maybe they can share their logs too. In my case both times it was a fresh installation and the second time it was a freshly installed Windows 10 too so that's why I said maybe it would be possible to reproduce the issue with a new installation of Emsisoft.
  4. I have attached logs in my post above. Does that contain the necessary data? Besides I faced another problem today. Emsi was installed and running fine but suddenly I noticed Anti malware service, the service which is related to Windows Defender was running. Why would that be enabled? Didn't go away after reboot. Even Windows Security center was showing that I have Windows Defender enabled. Other utility programs which can show security center information was showing that both Emsisoft and Windows Defender are enabled. So what actually happened? Maybe while downgrading Emsisoft didn't register itself properly in security center. I had no choice but to uninstall Emsisoft. Btw, in another thread I showed that even after unstallation, Emsisofts registry key was still there in security center section. The same happened again. This is a freshly installed Windows 10 so it's not possible that it's a continuation of the my previous issue but rather the uninstaller of Emsisoft probably has some kind of a bug which is why it's failing to remove its registry key from security center. Anyway, I had too much trouble with Emsisoft this week and won't install it again till the bugs are fixed. I may try reproducing the issue in a VM and share logs. In the meantime, maybe other users facing these issues can provide the necessary logs. To reproduce the bug on your system try installing Emsisoft in a fresh system where it wasn't installed before.
  5. Did it. The process took quite a while but anyway the problem is gone now. Currently it's at version: 2019.11.1.9884 Hopefully a new version fixing the bug will be out soon.
  6. I haven't tried this but I don't wanna risk anything for the time being. I'll wait till it's fixed with an update.
  7. Multiple reboot didn't fix my problem. I've uninstalled for now. Release an update fixing the bug and let us know.
  8. This two services are using high CPU for seemingly no reason. Specially a2start.exe which is using CPU even when the system is idle. For few seconds everything goes back to normal then it starts using CPU again. When a2start uses CPU, commservice starts using it as well. Both processes are causing unnecessary cpu usage. What's causing this issue? I've attached the logs and task manager image. Logs: link removed and sent to GT500
  9. So not just me but many people are suffering from it. There can be unexpected issue sometimes which I understand and it's Sunday plus they also have a smaller team compared to other big guns out there so maybe that's why they've not been able to fix it yet but for me the worst thing is, they didn't bother asking the user before adding this email verification to out account. I never set up any email verification in my account they automatically added it few months ago. It surely secures the account but they should've asked the user's permission before doing it. This is absurd and extremely frustrating.
  10. I'm trying to login to my Emsisoft account but no verification code has been sent to my email. More than 30 minutes have passed and still nothing. Tried multiple times but no email yet. This happened one more time a month ago and I received the code more than 3 hours after that time. This is very frustrating. What's going on!
  11. I did what you suggested with FRST and deleted it. Now FRST says it doesn't exit so does other programs that could show security center status but strangely in regedit the key is still shown like the above screenshot. What could be the reason?
  12. I uninstalled Emsisoft with the default uninstaller recently but today I noticed that a Emsisoft registry key for Windows Security Center is still present. I'm unable to delete it manually. Tried Emsiclean but since the product is not installed, it can't do anything wither. How do I get rid of this registry key?