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  1. You better check this two instead. NextDNS is amazing, Adguard DNS is great as well. NextDNS is like pihole without requiring a pihole. You can configure it to block ads, trackers, malicious, phishing domains, adult sites, safe sites, manually blocking particular sites, etc tons of customization. It's free for 300,000 queries per month and $2 per month for unlimited. 300,000 plenty for a single user. https://nextdns.io/ Adguard DNS is great but don't let you configure. Blocks, ads, trackers, malicious, phishing sites and also have a family protection service if you prefer that. https://adguard.com/en/adguard-dns/overview.html
  2. It does. When something is detected by signatures you'll see an alert. Other things that looks suspicious to behavior blocker, it'll check for reputation on Emsi cloud and if its marked as safe in the cloud then the action will be allowed automatically.
  3. Report this site as dangerous button in the extension doesn't work in Firefox. This is not a new issue. It's been like this as long as I can remember. In Chromium browsers upon clicking that it show Thank you but as you can see from the GIF it doesn't happen in Firefox.
  4. Ok no problem. But this was the only issue? Everything else is fine? Btw, I've used OSArmor with Emsisoft in the past and they worked fine together. What has changed now?
  5. Sadly it's not fixed yet. High CPU usage from the CommService with 10-15 seconds delay in between. Tried to attach logs here but getting a -200 error.
  6. Thanks. I just came here ask whether the changelog is related to this one. Good to know it's finally fixed.
  7. Any update on this? Were you able to reproduce the high cpu usage?
  8. You should remove the (Windows Defender) word in parenthesis from this popup. There's no need to diss Windows Defender for nothing. It's kind of a scummy behavior that I don't expect from an ethical company like Emsisoft.
  9. Is the Dark theme available only in the beta version of EEK at the moment? I don't see any option in the stable version.
  10. I have FRST logs but it was after I uninstalled Emsisoft due to the bug. Would this log be helpful? If yes then how should I sent it to you?
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