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  1. Sir in future is their any chance the there will be a solution to this problem or should i delete the data
  2. We have identified "STOP (Djvu)". This ransomware may be decryptable under certain circumstances. Please refer to the appropriate guide for more information. Identified by: sample_extension: .gesd sample_bytes: [0x14BC - 0x14E2] 0x7B33364136393842392D443637432D344530372D424538322D3045433542313442344446357D Click here for more information about STOP (Djvu). Case number: ac0ea6947dbf2568ac18fca65937c03e84df67661576298065 sir this is what the decryptor says.sir not every file is important only the images were importan _readme.txt images (1).jpg.gesd
  3. Please help me all my files on computer are Encrypted !
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