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  1. Dear Emsisoft, I am writing this note to show my gratitude for my decrypted files. I remember that 6 December in the evening, my 500GB hard disk fully encrypted by ransomware djvu. My all files converted into .righ extension. Data was really precious for me I tried many methods to decrypt my files but nothing work. I also tried your decryptor (decrypt_STOPDjvu) but at that time it did not work for me. But to my fortune, you're professionally found the solution of this new variant. I reiterate that thank you so much. I respect your efforts.
  2. Help me please, My all file encrypted with .righ extension. I try with STOP Djuv Decryptor but it shows error Your personal ID: 0190Asd374y5iuhldILj8ISAIxiRXs7Ol2l4xMdWdTlPx3IXcTgN61ft1
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