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  1. I have been running OA for several years on my XP system. My current license is just about to expire and I want to renew. However, by mid-May I will have a brand new Windows 7 64 system (I will put my XP out to pasture so to speak) and I want to know if I can transfer my OA linces to the new system? I really like the $ version of OA and since I will still be using my current system for everyday use online I don't want to lose the protection it offers. Thanks
  2. Yes, I have run them together for the last two years and have had absolutely no issues at all.
  3. catprincess, I did as you said but I find this latest version to still cause me the same issues and thinking back it was doing so before I enabled the DeBug screen reporting (which I have . Version 4.51.431 continues to slow down the loading of webpages, internet connection, and the opening of files and folders. And I still have the same issue with the Windows Debugger Tool being blocked from completing a read or an extremely slowed openning. I understand that for a firewall to do its job there will be some slowing of connections but I have never had this situation with OA before. My license is going to expire in April. Will they be having another updated version soon? Anyone else having issues like this with this version?
  4. Well DUH-Me! Thanks catprincess. Much appreciated. Thankfully it hasn't been on all that long. Another life lesson learned...
  5. Hi, I used to belong to the previous forums but I had to re-register in order to post here. I have been running the $ version of OA for almost 4 years on my XP SP3 system. However, since updating to version this past Wednesday I have experienced slow load times and blocked normal routines which I will explain later. Under the status I notice large spikes of activity. With the slowness I thought there might be a possibility of infection but my security scans - NOD32 version 4, Superantispyware, and Malwarebyte - found nothing suspicious. One of the things that I do daily is read the Minidump Files created by Windows after a Blue Screen of Death. I read on an average 200 to 500 per month. Since the update the Windows Debugger Tool is blocked from completing a read. I have not updated this tool or the symbol packages. The only thing that has changed on my system is the latest update of OA. When I updated OA it went through its normal learning mode. OA Free on my son's computer does not experience any of these issues. ** Realizing that the blame can be laid squarely at my feet one thing I enabled that Ihadn't previously was that under the Debug screen I checked all for Logging except one. Are my suspicioins correct that this might be my cause and should they be checked in order to active at all times? Thanks.