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  1. Just wanted to say thank you for all the discussion and information to help me understand more. I really appreciate it. regards
  2. Hi Jeremy, debugging is disabled. I have default settings applied. thanks
  3. hi, i've noticed that a2service.exe is constantly writing on my ssd. it's writing approximately 1GB per day, maybe more. on task manager, the i/o write bytes value is increasing at a rate of about 40 bytes per second. however, the computer feels completely normal with no slow down. Is it normal for a2service.exe to write so much data? thanks windows 10 home 1909 build 18363.628 emsisoft 2020.2.1.9977
  4. thanks for the clarification GT500, I didn't realise i needed to do that. happy new year
  5. Thanks for the info. regards
  6. Hi, eam updated automatically to 2020.1.0.9926. Regarding the new badge indicators on the left hand-side; shouldn't the blue dot clear when a scan has been completed? thanks and happy new year