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  1. I have windows 10 installed and up to date. After the free installation of EEK compatibility says 8.
  2. I installed the EEK only to find out it is compatible up to Windows 8. Can I run t with Windows 10 with no issues? Btw, sorry for double posting, I had forgotten.
  3. The Emsisoft site says this is compatible with Windows 10 yet when I check it after installing it on a stick it says compatibility is Windows 8.
  4. Although the download site at Emsisoft says this is for Window 10, when I install an check compatibility is is only up to Widows 8. Please explain. I wrote before but the answer was, " I don't understand that Windows version."
  5. Hello Elise I have real time with Defender so I believe I should use just one. I have MBAM free without real time. Thank you once again for your prompt courteous help. Peter
  6. Hello All went well installing EEK into a flash drive with a folder marked as such. The results indicated the PC is clean. One question please. When the scan was done a box appeared asking if I wish to protect my machine with Emisoft. If I want to keep the scanner within the flash drive only, do I just ignore this? I was not sure what it would have meant to say yes such as installing in the computer itself instead of the flash drive. Thank you
  7. Elise You made this a merry Christmas and I hope you and your family have a wonderful day. Thank you so much. Peter
  8. Jeremy I owe you an apology.I really did not mean to violate protocol. I get confused at times and make errors for which i am always apologizing. I really did not mean to do any harm. I am in treatment with meds. Blessed Christmas Peter
  9. Elise Thank you for your help. It is very much appreciated. Peter
  10. Hello I am not very techy but want to have EEK in my flash drive. Do I download directly to the letter of my flash drive avoiding my OS? I did not want to install in my OS. What would the steps be to make the flash drive in a an older person's language? I am sorry to be so naive but really want a backup scanner for Windows 10. Being an 80 year old disabled vet makes it hard to do this so I would appreciate your advice. Also, once it is installed as a portable device in the USB, do I restart and boot off the flash drive or just insert the drive and run it. Thank you for your patience Peter