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  1. After EEK updates the definitions it then still needs to click on the blue updates to complete it. Or is it default running the definition enough. Nothing turns from orange to green till the blue update icon is clicked upon.
  2. Great link. I now have a better understanding due to your prompt courteous advice. Thank you
  3. Yes, I appreciate all the work you went though to show me I was incorrect. Thank you. I will reinstall it in my flash drive. What is the function or purpose of that compatibility feature if it appears to be incompatible.
  4. I used the free version . Perhaps that makes a difference although I doubt it as my download was from your link. I will try yo make the time to replicate my installation so I can post a pik here. I am busy at the moment.
  5. I would have to reinstall EEK to a flash drive then click compatibility under properties. It was pointed out to me by some one who took control of my machine or I would not have noticed it. Do as I did and you will see the compatibility is not Windows 10. It goes as high as 8 so is not compatible; that is why I removed it. I run 19041.329 which is the build for Windows 10 2004. All is updated. I am using Avira's flash drive to support Defender and F-secure in a flash drive also. Both are on demand of course. I opted out of MBAM making Defender the on Demand which I did not care for. I used Defender with MBAM for years until the merger. That necessitated other on demand scanners. I think the software guys at Emsisoft over looked the compatibility of the EEK.
  6. I have windows 10 installed and up to date. After the free installation of EEK compatibility says 8.
  7. I installed the EEK only to find out it is compatible up to Windows 8. Can I run t with Windows 10 with no issues? Btw, sorry for double posting, I had forgotten.
  8. The Emsisoft site says this is compatible with Windows 10 yet when I check it after installing it on a stick it says compatibility is Windows 8.
  9. Although the download site at Emsisoft says this is for Window 10, when I install an check compatibility is is only up to Widows 8. Please explain. I wrote before but the answer was, " I don't understand that Windows version."
  10. Hello Elise I have real time with Defender so I believe I should use just one. I have MBAM free without real time. Thank you once again for your prompt courteous help. Peter
  11. Hello All went well installing EEK into a flash drive with a folder marked as such. The results indicated the PC is clean. One question please. When the scan was done a box appeared asking if I wish to protect my machine with Emisoft. If I want to keep the scanner within the flash drive only, do I just ignore this? I was not sure what it would have meant to say yes such as installing in the computer itself instead of the flash drive. Thank you
  12. Elise You made this a merry Christmas and I hope you and your family have a wonderful day. Thank you so much. Peter
  13. Jeremy I owe you an apology.I really did not mean to violate protocol. I get confused at times and make errors for which i am always apologizing. I really did not mean to do any harm. I am in treatment with meds. Blessed Christmas Peter
  14. Elise Thank you for your help. It is very much appreciated. Peter
  15. Hello I am not very techy but want to have EEK in my flash drive. Do I download directly to the letter of my flash drive avoiding my OS? I did not want to install in my OS. What would the steps be to make the flash drive in a an older person's language? I am sorry to be so naive but really want a backup scanner for Windows 10. Being an 80 year old disabled vet makes it hard to do this so I would appreciate your advice. Also, once it is installed as a portable device in the USB, do I restart and boot off the flash drive or just insert the drive and run it. Thank you for your patience Peter
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