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  1. Hello I want to thank the emisoft team for helping in this time after 3-4 months my .nbes files are already decryptable Thank you I recovered 4 years of my work
  2. Hello, I wanted to know that today, January 14, 2020, Windows 7 support is disabled and I wanted to know if this affects the repair of my files or the decryption program I am looking forward to your response
  3. Mmm ... well then now I just have to be patient, I hope it can be solved, I need those files I have 4 years of work on my pc and it would be annoying to reset it, since years ago I also attack the Grandcrab 4.0 ransomware very popular for its encryption and updates making it impossible to decrypt, unfortunately format my pc, and today they have already found the keys and I don't want that to happen to me again
  4. When they find the private key it will be uploaded to the help forums or you can also look for it when the page warns that they have found If your id is offline all the keys either nbes or others will be the same since the id will be the same since being offline the ransomware could not connect to its server and could not give a random id. If you don't know if it's offline, see if your ID ends in t1
  5. Thanks for the answer I will be checking every week. Until then I will continue communicating any news And about Mkos the truth is that I can not find his key since at the time they attacked I decided to forcefully shut down my PC, there are not so many mkos files, if mounted with the extension nbes and with the extension alone I do not think they could create an ID or maybe an ID alone. Could that happen?
  6. Hi, my computer was affected by Stop / Djvu .nbes .mkos, which identification ends in t1 Id: 0194Asd374y5iuhldT2rTkvqPawuxU1ZHaaduwWpHn6I22SeYX39M9Zt1, (esta id puede ser del archivo MKOS mas no el de NBES) What I think was an offline encryption is proof that the ransomware has not created and encrypted the new installed file. but I find it HELP!! Edit. Now I have seen some publications and that information concludes that my problem is offline and RSA code new version after August 2019 which I used the decrypt_STOPDjvu.exe program but I get the message from the photo attached below the error of which cannot be decrypted with the id: T2rTkvqPawuxU1ZHaaduwWpHn6I22SeYX39M9Zt1. But here is the good thing, this takes my sleep away but I think it is worth that id that is there (at the time of editing) is not mine is this: 0194Asd374y5iuhldT2rTkvqPawuxU1ZHaaduwWpHn6I22SeYX39M9Zt1 But realizing that I also have another key that is this but in a text file `` PersonalID '' which is the one that shows the error maybe because I also have the MKOS extension but what is the real ID because they can not help me ?