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  1. I was looking in db file (SQL log), not the text files, which were written elsewhere.
  2. Yes, I did a clean install, I even turned DEBUG ON, but there is nothing interesting being logged.
  3. Hi, sorry for the late response. I think that it's a bug. 15.01. 18:07 - it's blocked 15.01. 18:08 - with disabled surf protection it works It's GMT+1, executable il-2.exe logs.db3
  4. Hi, I enabled notifications in silent mode... without effect. Logs are empty. AS marko mentioned, the option for the hidden list is not there. I tried to add new rules... without effect. Their login server is on the Amazon cloud >> ec2-174-129-204-103.compute-1.amazonaws.com What bothers me the most (as an IT guy and customer) about this is that the application is being so oversimplified, I can't do anything about it 😕 No proper logs to read, hidden list/settings, which you can't control. If you need Wireshark network traffic dumb or something, I can do that. Thanks.
  5. Hi, I'm trying to run game IL2-Sturmovik(on steam), it needs to login online. Emsisofts Surf protection blocks it. There's no notification or log entry about the executable being blocked! Game folder is excluded from scaning and monitoring. It only works, when I disable the Surf protection. How do I fix that?
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