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  1. Thanks Arthur, I am trying to get it. I will be back ASAP. Best Regards, Rajesh
  2. Unfortunately, no original copies of the encrypted files. Best Regards, Rajesh
  3. Hi Arthur, Thanks again for your reply. I have tried using the files as a pair. But these are two different files. As mentioned in this link: https://support.emsisoft.com/topic/32045-about-the-stopdjvu-decrypter/ I have files of the types of JPG/MOV/MTS/MP4 shot with the same camera. Where can I submit these files? These files were encrypted on 04/04/2019, when I try to use the decryptor, I got the following message: File: H:\Studio 21\00003.MTS.refols Unable to decrypt Old Variant ID: xaYlKX7u6iRTeMIXgHEwkAomZZ7SiwPrpZ5KK6fT First 5 bytes: 0000000047
  4. Hi Arthur, My apology for long absence. I have following type of files: JPG, MTS MOV I have normal files (shot from the particular camera's). Please advise how can I move further. Thanks a ton for your help. Best Regards, Rajesh
  5. Thank you Arthur, Wish you a very happy new year !!! Do we need a working copy of the decrypted file? I am not able to find the same copy of any of the files which are encrypted? Can you please advise how to submit the only encrypted files. Best Regards, Rajesh
  6. Thank you GT500, These files were encrypted in August 2019. If required, I can upload a sample file for you to check. Thanks again.
  7. Hi, my files are encrypted with .refols. With ID: xaYlKX7u6iRTeMIXgHEwkAomZZ7SiwPrpZ5KK6fT I am unable to decrypt the files with decryptor.
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