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  1. hello sir i got RSA kay from person infected with mosk online kay and he said this kay is decrypted his files here is all info:--- there is private RSA kay for mosk online and bks8 and my personal id AKqB5AwxTZIzRndfFbEApsb7z43sqZ0lKiuKmOWm my mac address 00-E0-7C-7C-7A-10-B0 orignal file mosk file for that orignal file u can develop and put the kay in emsissoft app for help me and all other users inficted with mosk online kay waiting ur replay,,, ===================================== Emsisoft can only get the private key AFTER a victim has PAID the ransom, receives a key and provides it to them. This means if infected with an ONLINE KEY, we cannot help you unless a victim pays the criminals, then gives us the key.
  2. the keys used for online IDs its RSA keys or what is the kind exactly?? and if i have key like this:- -----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY----- (the kay here) -----END PRIVATE KEY----- in which tool can i used it for decrypt data with personal ID is there any decrypt tool vaild for do it:-???? 1-button for put private kay 2-button for put personal ID 3-2-button for select directory 4-button for click Decrypt
  3. if have private kay its possible for decrypt .mosk online kay???